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About Us

BIDE was formed by teachers and trainers from Harvard University and Boston University . Teaching and training remains their central interest. However, as policy advisors in more than 60 countries, BIDE professionals are sensitive to the needs of policy makers and have developed a very practical and highly successful approach to training. Training workshops combine classroom lectures with case studies and practical exercises. Participants will acquire new knowledge and skills, as well as learn about the latest developments in the respective fields.

Training workshops are organized as adult learning programs. We depend heavily on active participation in various types of "hands on" exercises such as small group discussions, simulation exercises that require preparation and study by each participant. Our training includes approximately six hours of classroom activities (or site visits) per day and will require approximately two to three hours of individual or group preparation per night by each participant.

A workshop is not a conference: active individual participation, full attendance, and completion of assigned exercises are required to successfully complete the workshop requirements and to receive a certificate from BIDE.