Richard Mark Sturton

Since 1997 Mark Sturton has been the Team Leader for BIDE of the ADB [Asian Development Bank] funded project in the Federated States of Micronesia, advising the Government on the reform program needed to adjust to a dramatic decline in the transfer of funds from the US. This may be one of the most difficult structural adjustment problems anywhere, shifting from an essentially welfare economy to a market-driven one. Previously, he had gained over 25 years of professional experience in the Pacific island region and is regarded as one of the leading macroeconomists specialized in this area. Prior to working in the FSM, he was Leader of a team analyzing the economy of Vanuatu to provide the analytical basis of Vanuatu's Comprehensive Reform Program. He worked in Fiji for 5 years as director of research and subsequently in Tonga for 4 years in a similar capacity as an IMF long-term technical advisor, where he provided policy advice on the formulation of monetary and exchange rate policy. During this time he developed an intimate understanding of macroeconomic policy in small, open economies and on the nature of financial markets. He spent four years undertaking research on the economies of the Pacific Islands at the East West Center in Hawaii.

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