John Harris

John R. Harris, Professor of Economics at Boston University [BU] is one of the leading Africanist economists. His path-breaking joint work on labor markets and wages, the Harris-Todaro Model is on every reading list in Development Economics, and was based on his empirical observations of the workings of labor market in Nigeria and Kenya. His knowledge of the countries of the continent is extensive and thorough and he has worked in and on most of them. In addition, Dr. Harris has worked extensively in Asia, particularly Indonesia, which provides him with a comparative perspective. Dr. Harris has worked extensively for USAID, World Bank, Canada’s IDRC, ILO, the World Health Organization, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN Economic Commission for Africa and the UNDP. Moreover, Mr. Harris has served on the Advisory Group of the Macroeconomic Research Network for Eastern and Southern Africa, which developed into the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Dr. Harris was for many years the Director of the African Studies Center at BU. He became Director of the African-American Issues Center at BU.

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